Terms and Conditions

Terms Conditions1Definitions

Property: The rented dwelling address as provided to the Company by the Agent or Landlord

Company: Kerry Ellis and Annabel Smith trading as Concise Property Solutions

Inventory Provider or IP: The person or persons representing Concise Property Solutions compiling the inventory and completing the Assignment and/or undertaking any of the other tasks in the process

Agent: This will be used to denote a Residential Lettings Agent or Estate Agent

Tenant: The person or persons occupying a property under a Tenancy

Assignment: The compiling of an Inventory, Check-in Report, Check-out Report, Update, Interim Check or other job instructed to the Company by the Agent or Landlord

Landlord: The legal owner of the Property to be let

Inventory: This will be used as an abbreviation of the full term which is “Inventory and Schedule of Condition” and refers to the written document detailing the condition of, and contents of the property to be let

Check-in Report: Details any changes to the Inventory for the Property and recording meter readings (where accessible) and keys present at commencement of letting term but prior to the occupation of the property

Check-out Report: Report detailing any changes to the Property Inventory noted at the end of the tenancy including the recording of meter readings (where accessible) and keys present at the end of the letting term

Third Party Inventory update: When updating a third party’s inventory, our costs will be higher due to the additional work hours that would be required and the document would, by necessity, be a word document without photographs.  This can save money for a client in the short term, but in order to incorporate the embedded photographs and provide our standard format document, we would recommend we visit the property to prepare a new inventory using our software at our standard prices.

Interim Check: A mid tenancy check of the property to assess condition during the term, (usually used in the case of a change of occupant such as during a company let).

Price List

A published relevant fee structure available on the Company website or as notified to the Agent or Landlord.

Important Information/Disclaimer

A document containing useful information for Agents and Tenants as included with an Assignment or as published on the Company’s web site.

Instructions of Assignment

Include bookings made to the Company by the Agent or Landlord either in person, by telephone or via email.


The Company reserves the right to make a full charge to the Agent for the cancellation of an Assignment within 12 hours of the intended date and time. A nominal fee of £30 may be levied should the Assignment be aborted, for whatever reason, including misinstruction, after the Inventory Provider has arrived at the Property. This fee is subject to the Assignment being rebooked with the Company. In the event the assignment is not rebooked with the Company the full fee for the assignment may be charged. A charge of £10 per quarter hour may be made for waiting time at the Property beyond the confirmed time for the Assignment due to late arrival of a Tenant or Agent, incorrect notified location of keys or documentation, or any delay in gaining access to the Property beyond the control of the Inventory Provider or the Company, or where a property is unfit or unsafe for entry. Duties carried out by either the Inventory Provider or Company outside the definition of the Assignment may be chargeable by separate negotiation. Assignments may be carried out outside of normal office hours, and confirmed by the Company, may attract a premium fee by separate negotiation. The Company’s normal office hours are: Monday – Friday 09.00 to 17.00 (Weekends and Public Holiday Assignments considered by separate negotiation).

Payment Terms

Payment of invoices are due within 30 days of the Invoice date.

Safety and Security

It is understood by the Company or Inventory Provider that the Property related to any Assignment is in sound and safe condition, posing no risk whatsoever to the health or safety of any assigned Inventory Provider.  Landlords/Agents must ensure that properties booked for inventories are not occupied by tenants or landlords and or their possessions unless the possessions are to be included within the report. Inventory Providers have the right to abort the visit should they discover that a property is either occupied or full of items that are not to be included within the inventory. The Inventory Provider also has the right to abort the visit should there be unrestrained animals at the property, vacant but unsecured house, any sign of break in or other evidence of criminal activity.


The Company and all Inventory Providers carry appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance, Public Liability insurance. Details are available to view to review on request.


Liability is according to the Company’s Public Liability Insurance details as well as the inspection Disclaimer


The Company aims to carry out Assignments with reasonable care and skill. If any part of the Assignment is performed negligently or in breach of the provisions of these Terms, then, on request, the Company will revise the relevant part of the Assignment. The Company will not be liable to revise any part of the Assignment unless notified to the Company in writing of any negligence or breach.  The Company or Inventory Provider, will endeavour to deliver to the issuing Agent by agreed means.  The Company aims to provide .pdf format report for Check-ins and new Inventories within 36 hours of completion of the Assignment and within 24hrs for Check-outs or same day where possible.

Intellectual Property Rights

All Assignments commissioned from the Company or Inventory Provider remain the intellectual property of the Company. Required hard copies may be printed, copied, or retained, but may not be electronically copied, altered, reproduced or redistributed without the express permission of the Company. The Agent is responsible for checking the assignment on delivery. Any dispute over content or description must be registered with the Company or Inventory Provider, within 7 working days of receipt.

Force to Majeure and Exclusions

The Company or Inventory Provider, is not liable for delays in performance (incl. delivery of documentation) caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


Each party must treat all information received from the other marked ‘confidential’ or reasonably obvious to be confidential as it would treat its own confidential information.

Data Protection

As referred to by Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998

Data held by consent, accurate, relevant and adequate for the purpose for which it was collected. Kept up to date, not processed further than the specified and lawful purpose. Not retained for longer than is necessary. Kept securely and not accidentally lost or destroyed.

Any provisions of these Terms and Conditions which seeks to exclude or limit the liability of the company for breach of the terms implied by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 shall not apply in the case of a consumer contract.